All Market Views by Linda A. Duessel

Weekly Update: Happy Thanksgiving; I'll see you in two weeks 
Nov. 20, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
The troubling divide between the haves and have-nots is casting a pall on a market that nonetheless is grinding seasonally higher.
Weekly Update: 'I'm in the business for 30 years, and Christmas always comes' 
Nov. 13, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
This pullback may linger and follows an overbought October; but Santa Claus should still come as the macro environment remans supportive
Weekly Update: Why is my husband looking at me that way? 
Nov. 6, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
As investors keep worrying, stocks keep rising on supportive data and trends
Weekly Update: Is it time to buy those Mason jars yet? 
Oct. 30, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
With seasonality and earnings favoring a continued equity rally and no recession in sight, there's no need yet to hoard cash
Weekly Update: An 'All Clear' for the economy from the LSI 
Oct. 23, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
With recession odds low, central banks loosening and earnings OK, a melt-up could be on the way
Weekly Update: Wisconsinites are humble 
Oct. 16, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
They also are worried, which may be good for a market that's sending mixed messages
Weekly Update: 47% of all jobs will be done by robots by 2030 
Oct. 9, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
Market momentum could be signaling the year-end rally looms; S&P 500 at 2,040-2,060 will test
Weekly Update: In Texas, $70 is the new $100 
Oct. 2, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
Recession worries are being voiced more often but trends suggest it's too early and a market rally into year-end is more likely
Weekly Update: 'Sell everything!' 
Sept. 25, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
Bearishness may be understandable but it also is acting to underpin this bull market
Weekly Update: 'You think we'll have a recession five years from now? That soon?' 
Sept. 18, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
The Fed's inaction rattles the market but fundamentals still suggest a rally lies ahead
Weekly Update: I think it was the red dress 
Sept. 11, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
Seasonal and technical factors suggest a little more volatility before a possible strong rally
Weekly Update: What the heck? 
Aug. 28, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
History suggests the sell-off will test its recent lows before rallying strongly into year-end.
Weekly Update: Everybody's talking correction; something else stumped me 
Aug. 21, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
A mixed week of data and tepid FOMC minutes roil the markets, while oil and Donald Trump are on investors' minds.
Weekly Update: The Big Easy 
Aug. 14, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
New Orleans is laid back, but the markets are fretting about China's economy and currency devaluation.
Video: Equity Outlook 
Aug. 14, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
What’s the outlook for equities in the second half of 2015? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel provides her insight.
Vacation Special: Did you ever wonder why turtles walk so slowly? 
Aug. 6, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
A rising-rate environment could benefit income-oriented strategies
Weekly Update: A turtle comes to mind 
Jul. 30, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
The market seems to be sending mixed signals but the longer-term bullish trend remains intact
Weekly Update: Tobacco Road 
Jul. 24, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
As the Wall of Worry grows and Fed tightening nears, individual investors seem to be avoiding stocks. This could be good for the bull.
Weekly Update: We won't be range-bound forever 
Jul. 17, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Seasonal factors could see a near-term pullback but the longer term is shaping up nicely
Weekly Update: If China avoids a hard landing, we're good 
Jul. 10, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
China, Greece and computer glitches add to a beautiful Wall of Worry
Vacation Special: Whither consumer spending—boomers and millennials collide 
Jun. 30, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Whether the economy takes off comes down to whether consumers start spending more
Weekly Update: In an aloha state of mind 
Jun. 26, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Despite a sideways summer, stocks still seem to be shaping up for a second-half run
Weekly Update: Say boss, can I have a raise? 
Jun. 18, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Wages finally appear to be rising and, along with a dovish Fed, this could be very bullish for stocks
Weekly Update: Mile High worriers 
Jun. 12, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Recent data, particularly on the jobs and consumer front, are pointing to a solid second half
Weekly Update: What's your favorite ice cream cone? 
Jun. 5, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Lingering questions over record margins may be behind this sideways market
Weekly Update: Vacay's on my mind 
May 29, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
There may be some near-term weakness but there are many reasons to be back-half bullish
Weekly Update: It's my kind of town! 
May 22, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
We'll soon learn if the softness of late is transitory and if housing's ready to assume a leadership role
Weekly Update: Why is that turtle walking so slowly? 
May 15, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Slower for longer, lower for longer and investor skepticism make for a beautiful Wall of Worry
Weekly Update: I haven't a clue where oil is going 
May 7, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
But it's not likely to reach last summer's highs anytime soon and that's good for stocks and economy
Weekly Update: 'Oil at $85 and it's free!*' 
May 1, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Where are oil prices headed? Even the experts aren't sure
Weekly Update: Go forth with alacrity 
Apr. 24, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Early earnings and an anticipated spring bounce are providing a tailwind for the market
Weekly Update: 'Boston Strong' 
Apr. 17, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Monday's marathon will be the 119th; meanwhile, stocks continue to exhibit sideways characteristics
Weekly Update: In Central Pennsylvania, we added Seattle to the Wall of Worry 
Apr. 10, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Lower oil, a stronger dollar and tightening, oh my! All this worrying should make investors smile.
Weekly Update: Now that LeBron is gone, Floridians hate anything that bounces 
Apr. 6, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Q1 softness may hit the economy and earnings but spring eventually should lift spirits and stocks
Weekly Update: They are filled with the spirit in the 'D' 
Mar. 27, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
There may be some shakiness in the next few weeks and months but the long-term looks good
Weekly Update: Personally, I can be patient 
Mar. 20, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Perhaps a pullback is in the wings but the longer-term tone and trend to the market remains bullish
Weekly Update: I'd prefer to hang with Italian men 
Mar. 13, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
With so much worry and doubt at its back, this secular bull has room to run
Weekly Update: Texans, they persevere 
Mar. 6, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Texans are scared about the markets, not oil, adding to a beautiful wall of worry
Weekly Update: I met a millennial 
Feb. 27, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
The younger generation gives me hope about the present and the future
Weekly Update: I realize the S&P made new highs this week but I'm so very cold 
Feb. 20, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Despite a weather-related slowing in some data, the outlook remains bullish
Weekly Update: Shake it off 
Feb. 13, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
The market chugs along as worries over Greece, Europe and earnings ease
Video: Finding Income 
Feb. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Where can the conservative investor find income without taking on a lot of risk? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel offers her insight.
Video: Appropriately Bullish 
Feb. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
What are the biggest headwinds and tailwinds to Federated’s bullish view on the U.S. economy and equity markets? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel provides her take.
Weekly Update: We just want to have fun 
Feb. 6, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Low gas prices, rising wages and more jobs are giving consumers a lot of reasons to be happier
Weekly Update: The elephant in the room 
Jan. 30, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Lower oil prices are confusing investors for now but the benefits should lift their spirits later
Weekly Update: As Casablanca's Capt. Renault would say, 'I'm shocked! Shocked!' 
Jan. 23, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
ECB actions and lower oil should pay dividends down the road
Weekly Update: Where energy is concerned, 'big, old and ugly' may be beautiful 
Jan. 16, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Investors seeking to call a bottom to oil should be careful but there are ways to benefit
Weekly Update: Welcome to the New Year ... now what should we worry about?! 
Jan. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
It may come down to whether the U.S. is strong enough to keep the world afloat until better times come knocking at Europe's and China's doors
Yearly Special: Welcome to the new age! 
Dec. 30, 2014 :: Linda A. Duessel
Fundamentals and technicals suggest the equity rally has plenty of room to run in 2015
Weekly Update: Merry Christmas, indeed! 
Dec. 19, 2014 :: Linda A. Duessel
Fed, stronger growth, lower oil and muted inflation are adding to the usual Santa Claus Rally
Weekly Update: To USA Today headline 'Falling Oil Threatens Recovery,' I say, 'Huh?' 
Dec. 12, 2014 :: Linda A. Duessel
Lower oil may be hurting markets but there's little reason to suspect it will derail economy
Weekly Update: You go girl! 
Dec. 5, 2014 :: Linda A. Duessel
There is not a lot in the way of the equity market's upward momentum