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Weekly Update: Trump, Trump, Trump ad nauseam 
Feb. 24, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Market is starting to want specifics, not rhetoric, on policy moves.
Weekly Update: It's annual review time! 
Feb. 17, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Inflation is finding its way into the market vernacular, but it's not yet causing trouble.
Weekly Update: Winter break 
Feb. 10, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The market likes what it's hearing but at some point, the rubber is going to need to meet the road.
Weekly Update: Nothing going on here, so ... 
Feb. 3, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
In Vancouver, they're worried about Trump. But in the U.S., the equity market still seems encouraged.
Weekly Update: In the Great Northwest, trying to get their arms around this new administration 
Jan. 27, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Trump bump is benefitting markets but certain investors don't seem to care much.
Weekly Update: Anticipating President (The?) Donald in La La Land 
Jan. 20, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
We're about to find out if Trump can work with Congress to strengthen and broaden the reach of America's economy.
Weekly Update: Will trickle-down economics work? 
Jan. 13, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
While the market digests the work ahead for change, its more favorable outlook still centers on the ability of Trump's agenda to perk up growth.
Weekly Update: Where are we in the business cycle? 
Jan. 6, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Expected Trumponomics stimulus will likely keep a late-stage business cycle going.
2017 Outlook: Let's take it easy 
Dec. 27, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
As the calendar turns, a market euphoric over a pro-growth Trump may shift its focus to the frustrations of getting things done.
Weekly Update: Santa does exist! 
Dec. 16, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
We'll worry about next year later. Right now, it may not be worth fighting the tape.
Weekly Update: I'm Team USA! 
Dec. 9, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
A Republican sweep led by non-traditional Trump continues to lift the stock market to new highs.
Weekly Update: 'I'm crazy bullish!' 
Dec. 2, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
There are a lot of catalysts for the market through year-end, but Linda Duessel cautions investors not to get ahead of themselves.
Weekly Update: My sincere thanks to you 
Nov. 23, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
The ride may last a while longer but there are near-term roadblocks ahead.
Weekly Update: A high-class problem 
Nov. 17, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Most everyone thinks the Republican sweep is driving the stock rally and bond sell-off. But maybe it only reinforced data pointing to a risk-on move already.
Weekly Update: Land that I love 
Nov. 11, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
His faults aside, Donald Trump's appeal and policies are a lot like Ronald Reagan's. Maybe we should call him, Ronald Trump?
Weekly Update: Interest rates aren't nearly as sexy as this election 
Nov. 4, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
All eyes are on Tuesday's election but Linda is watching inflation and interest rates.
Weekly Update: Stagflation, seriously? 
Oct. 28, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
The economy has issues but they aren't as bad as many think.
Weekly Update: Warm milk, cold toast 
Oct. 21, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Evidence suggests U.S. economy will continue to muddle along, and that may be OK.
Weekly Update: I am at peace 
Oct. 14, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
With a Clinton victory appearing more likely, Linda focuses on what happens 4 years from now.
Weekly Update: You don't have to tell me for whom you're voting 
Oct. 7, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Signs of strengthening as fall arrives may help equities but uncertainties abound, starting with the election.
Weekly Update: In search of something better 
Sept. 30, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
In Texas, they just want to see faster growth.
Weekly Update: A positive spin on those ultra-low interest rates 
Sept. 23, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Low yields might actually not reveal anything useful about growth prospects, so growth might not be as bad as feared.
Weekly Update: Hey, I'm not the one running for president! 
Sept. 16, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
There seems to be a lot of anger and uncertainty out there over the election, the economy and the markets.
Q&A: What role do demographics play in slowing economic growth? 
Sept. 13, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
And what if slower means smoother, with fewer bubbles, booms and busts?
Weekly Update: My limo driver at 5 a.m. wanted to discuss interest rates 
Sept. 9, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Monetary policy normalization, rather than accommodation, may pose systemic risk. Nearer-term, improving Trump's odds could spark a sell-off.
Weekly Update: It was hot in Music City 
Sept. 2, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Lower rates for longer, no recession in sight and the market's behavior in past rate-hike cycles suggest that equities should remain in a bull.
Weekly Update: September? December? 
Aug. 26, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
It probably doesn't matter when the Fed rate hike comes. The longer-term view remains bullish.
Early Election Special: For your beach-reading pleasure 
Aug. 17, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Linda Duessel breaks down the likely policy proposals and market impact of the top two presidential candidates.
Weekly Update: Shaka! 
Aug. 12, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
As the market hits new highs, investors are chill as the data pipeline slows during vacation season.
Weekly Update: Is an inflation scare building? 
Aug. 5, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
The news was good this week, and the market responded accordingly. But will potentially stronger growth also bring higher inflation and rates?
Weekly Update: We could be worrying too much, continued ... 
Jul. 29, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Disappointing spring data and concerns over the election outcome may be masking a market that has more oomph than we think.
Weekly Update: The world turned upside down 
Jul. 22, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
It used to be P/E multiples would fall when inflation would rise; now it seems the opposite is true as the market yearns for growth and safety.
Weekly Update: A new record high for the S&P just as conventions begin 
Jul. 15, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Markets grind ever higher as earnings and data lift spirits even as rates stay low and doubts abound.
Weekly Update: If it's a good story, you keep telling it 
Jul. 8, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Yield strategies are holding firm in this low-rate, high uncertainty environment.
Weekly Update: The trouble with committing political suicide 
Jul. 1, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
The real concern over Brexit isn't the U.K. or even the EU. It's whether it marks a populist movement that will bring an end to globalization.
Weekly Update: What do LeBron & Trump have in common? 
Jun. 22, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
It promises to be an interesting few weeks.
Weekly Update: 'Aren't you worried about interest rates?' 
Jun. 17, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
Pending Brexit vote adds to uncertainty that's driving down yields.
Weekly Update: We've got two choices 
Jun. 10, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
A lot is weighing on investors' minds but at the top is Trump and the presidential election.
Video: Strategies for a sideways market 
Jun. 2, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel discusses advisers' concerns and the markets sideways pattern.
Video: Trump + Hillary = Sloppy Market 
Jun. 2, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel shares her thoughts on the impact of the presidential election on the markets.
Election Special: Either he has it or he doesn't 
Jun. 2, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
What if Trump becomes president? Linda looks at the implications for the markets and the economy.
Weekly Update: Clarity in the sunshine 
May 25, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
A lot of uncertainty is hanging over the market, but that should clear up in the next few months.
Weekly Update: I have a disappointed client! 
May 20, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
It's not what you think; I couldn't find any shoes worth buying in San Francisco. As for the market, sideways seems to be the fashion for now.
Weekly Update: Maybe it's better that we don't get clarity 
May 13, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
The market continues to struggle with disparate data on the economy. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
Weekly Update: 'Who run the world' 
May 6, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
There's no clear sign on whether equities have more upside or downside from here, suggesting the tight trading range of the past 2 years may continue.
Weekly Update: My Pittsburgh masseur is going to build a tiny house 
Apr. 29, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Worries over negative rates, slow growth and an historically challenging seasonal period could knock the rally off its tracks.
Weekly Update: Horror is a relative term, I guess 
Apr. 22, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
These are interesting times, with arguments both pro- and anti-equities making sense. In the end, maybe we keep trading in the relatively narrow range where we've been for awhile.
Weekly Update: On the one hand, on the other... 
Apr. 15, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
There are mixed signals on whether the recent rally has legs or if perhaps another down-leg lies ahead.
Weekly Update: High winds 
Apr. 8, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Much like the winds this week, the market has been choppy, with no clear sense of when or whether the ride will turn smoother.
Weekly Update: Uncertainty = Q4?! 
Apr. 1, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Yellen cages the hawks and indicates the Fed stands ready to do more stimulus if need be. Not surprisingly, the market rallies as its love of easy money trumped worries over uncertainty.
Weekly Update: How much would you pay to sleep well at night? 
Mar. 24, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
There are a lot of reasons to be encouraged by the market, and a lot of reasons to be concerned.
Weekly Update: March Madness 
Mar. 18, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
On the road in basketball-mad North Carolina.
Weekly Update: I've got a case of popcorn for Tuesday night 
Mar. 11, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Trump's march toward the nomination appears inevitable, with Tuesday's winner-take-all states the last establishment bulwark.
Weekly Update: #NeverTrump = President Clinton? 
Mar. 4, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
As Trump's rise to the GOP nomination seems inevitable, the markets are left to ponder the impact.
Video: Equity Outlook 
Aug. 14, 2015 :: Linda A Duessel
What’s the outlook for equities in the second half of 2015? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel provides her insight.
Video: Finding Income 
Feb. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Where can the conservative investor find income without taking on a lot of risk? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel offers her insight.
Video: Appropriately Bullish 
Feb. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
What are the biggest headwinds and tailwinds to Federated’s bullish view on the U.S. economy and equity markets? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel provides her take.