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Weekly Update: The gentlemen are plentiful in Chi-Town 
Nov. 17, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The active-passive debate heats up as correlations start to fall.
Weekly Update: What a time to be alive! 
Nov. 10, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
As we near the end of a very strong 2017, there are signs that investors are taking some chips off the table and calling it a year.
Weekly Update: Cold winds blowing 
Nov. 3, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Tax-reform messiness and lack of market breadth could spawn an equity sell-off. That's OK, because it would just serve to extend the up-cycle.
Weekly Update: It's important to know what you're paying for 
Oct. 27, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The next few weeks should make clear what is and isn't possible on the tax-reform front. Meanwhile, the market carries on.
Weekly Update: The devil didn't just go to Georgia 
Oct. 20, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
As resilient Texans rebuild, they are on the lookout for a big sell-off. It could come but there's still a lot to like about this market.
Weekly Update: Blinded by the light 
Oct. 13, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
What if tax reform doesn't come to pass?
Weekly Update: Greed 
Oct. 6, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Momentum suggests this rally may continue for awhile. What could go wrong?
Weekly Update: Did you flood? 
Sept. 29, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Many advisors seem to be expecting a melt-up even if their clients aren't.
Weekly Update: Mother (!) Nature 
Sept. 22, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
She sure is wreaking havoc, but there's no sign of significant post-hurricane weakness.
Weekly Update: Crypto-nite 
Sept. 15, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Forget bitcoin. The real news is the bullish combination of improving global growth and the prospect for peppier fiscal stimulus.
Weekly Update: 'Whatever it takes' equals bullish for stocks 
Sept. 8, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
All the rebuilding and recovery efforts, combined with an even more cautious Fed, are likely to prove highly stimulative and positive for equities.
Weekly Update: Hello? Is anyone out there? 
Sept. 1, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Harvey throws wrinkle into outlook but could bring Congress together.
Weekly Update: Totality 
Aug. 25, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Total eclipses tend to occur during periods of disruption.
Weekly Update: It's simple math 
Aug. 18, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The math favors a continuing secular bull despite all the geopolitical angst.
Weekly Update: I really must get a pedicure 
Aug. 4, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Earnings and fundamentals continue to trump—no pun intended—the D.C. chaos.
Weekly Update: Jimmy, haven't you heard? Inflation is MIA 
Jul. 28, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
A pullback is possible as we enter a seasonally weak period but the longer view remains bullish.
Weekly Update: 'It's not even the same category.' True that! 
Jul. 21, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The markets would probably be just as happy if Republicans move on to tax reform and save health care for another day.
Weekly Update: Who's your guru? 
Jul. 14, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Inflation reports and Yellen suggest rates are going to be very market friendly for quite a while.
Weekly Special: Dark thoughts for the beach ... 
Jul. 4, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
A compendium of research gathered by Linda Duessel doesn't include much to smile about.
Weekly Update: 'Hey carebot, how about another margarita?' 
Jun. 30, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
With the beach on her mind, Linda opines about a market that's been as gentle as a summer breeze.
Weekly Update: Linder, things are messed up beyond all recognition 
Jun. 23, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Quiet is good as stocks continue to rise even as yields and inflation fall.
Weekly Update: Like watching paint dry 
Jun. 15, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Neither inflation nor the roll-off of the Fed's balance sheet is going to move much in the near future.
Weekly Update: Drastic conditions call for drastic measures 
Jun. 9, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
For the first time since the U.S. election, economists concerned that the economy could wind up doing worse than expected under Trump.
Weekly Update: I can't predict the future 
Jun. 2, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Slow growth and low inflation are just fine for equities.
Weekly Update: Surely, one of my 4 millennial children can spare a Jackson 
May 25, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Longer-term issues aren't yet getting in the way of this market.
Weekly Update: It's too bad about his personality 
May 19, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Worries that Trump's political problem may stall tax and other reforms are weighing on the markets.
Weekly Update: The economy's in recession ... in Alaska 
May 12, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Alaskans aren't much worried about Trump but sure would like to see oil prices move up.
Weekly Update: A boogieman in the bushes? 
May 5, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
There's a fair amount of worry out there. That could be good for stocks.
Video: There's still room for this bull to run 
Apr. 28, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel provides her outlook for equities and how a more normal interest rate environment impacts the stock market.
Weekly Update: Tough act to follow 
Apr. 28, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Accelerating growth and tax relief would be icing on the cake for the equity market.
Weekly Update: My periwinkle heels were killer this week 
Apr. 21, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Despite all the short-term noise, the longer-term is looking pretty good.
Weekly Update: On the road again 
Apr. 13, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
A South Florida visit found many still fearful and that may be good for equities.
Weekly Update: It's all about earnings 
Apr. 7, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
There's a lot of noise, about Russia, missile strikes, the Fed, etc. But at the end of the day, what the market really cares about is earnings.
Weekly Update: Don't be a gambler, be an investor 
Mar. 31, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Beyond all the noise, there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about stocks for the longer term.
Weekly Update: Fantastic tax cuts would be so much fun! 
Mar. 24, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
While the media gets caught up in repeal-and-reform debate, the White House and the market keep their eyes on a bigger prize.
Weekly Update: Nothingburger 
Mar. 17, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The trend for stocks remains up and there's not a lot getting in the way.
Weekly Update: A beautiful long and winding road 
Mar. 10, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Worries may arise over a looming Fed hike and Obamacare repeal-and-replace battles, but the longer view is still a good one.
Weekly Update: All over the place in N.C. 
Mar. 3, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The market continues to touch new highs even as it enters a seasonally strong period. Can it keep going?
Weekly Update: Trump, Trump, Trump ad nauseam 
Feb. 24, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Market is starting to want specifics, not rhetoric, on policy moves.
Weekly Update: It's annual review time! 
Feb. 17, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Inflation is finding its way into the market vernacular, but it's not yet causing trouble.
Weekly Update: Winter break 
Feb. 10, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
The market likes what it's hearing but at some point, the rubber is going to need to meet the road.
Weekly Update: Nothing going on here, so ... 
Feb. 3, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
In Vancouver, they're worried about Trump. But in the U.S., the equity market still seems encouraged.
Weekly Update: In the Great Northwest, trying to get their arms around this new administration 
Jan. 27, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Trump bump is benefitting markets but certain investors don't seem to care much.
Weekly Update: Anticipating President (The?) Donald in La La Land 
Jan. 20, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
We're about to find out if Trump can work with Congress to strengthen and broaden the reach of America's economy.
Weekly Update: Will trickle-down economics work? 
Jan. 13, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
While the market digests the work ahead for change, its more favorable outlook still centers on the ability of Trump's agenda to perk up growth.
Weekly Update: Where are we in the business cycle? 
Jan. 6, 2017 :: Linda Duessel
Expected Trumponomics stimulus will likely keep a late-stage business cycle going.
2017 Outlook: Let's take it easy 
Dec. 27, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
As the calendar turns, a market euphoric over a pro-growth Trump may shift its focus to the frustrations of getting things done.
Weekly Update: Santa does exist! 
Dec. 16, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
We'll worry about next year later. Right now, it may not be worth fighting the tape.
Weekly Update: I'm Team USA! 
Dec. 9, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
A Republican sweep led by non-traditional Trump continues to lift the stock market to new highs.
Weekly Update: 'I'm crazy bullish!' 
Dec. 2, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
There are a lot of catalysts for the market through year-end, but Linda Duessel cautions investors not to get ahead of themselves.
Weekly Update: My sincere thanks to you 
Nov. 23, 2016 :: Linda Duessel
The ride may last a while longer but there are near-term roadblocks ahead.
Video: Strategies for a sideways market 
Jun. 2, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel discusses advisers' concerns and the markets sideways pattern.
Video: Trump + Hillary = Sloppy Market 
Jun. 2, 2016 :: Linda A Duessel
Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel shares her thoughts on the impact of the presidential election on the markets.
Video: Finding Income 
Feb. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
Where can the conservative investor find income without taking on a lot of risk? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel offers her insight.
Video: Appropriately Bullish 
Feb. 9, 2015 :: Linda A. Duessel
What are the biggest headwinds and tailwinds to Federated’s bullish view on the U.S. economy and equity markets? Senior Equity Strategist Linda Duessel provides her take.