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Market Memo: It's a healthy sell-off, not a harbinger of something worse 
Feb. 6, 2018 :: Steven Chiavarone
Correction prompts Federated to boost equity overweight in its stock-bond portfolio models.
Market Memo: Bitcoin? Meh. Blockchain? Now we're talking 
Jan. 11, 2018 :: Steven Chiavarone
For all the press and buzz surrounding bitcoin, the underlying technology that makes it work ultimately may prove more lasting and valuable.
Market Memo: Five things to watch this year 
Jan. 4, 2018 :: Steven Chiavarone
This economy and market is riding some strong tailwinds. But the answer to five key questions could determine if this bull has legs.
Market Memo: Investors and the Industrial Revolution 3.0 
Nov. 29, 2017 :: Steven Chiavarone
The digital revolution is reshaping the economy and creating new opportunities much as past industrial revolutions did.