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Let us help manage your tax questions.

2013 Final Capital Gains

2013 Preliminary Capital Gains

Year-End Tax Statements
Find and print year-end dividend and capital gains listed on the “Distributions and Tax Info” tab for each of your funds. Locate your funds in the Mutual Funds section.

Year-End Tax Form Guide
Reference this list for descriptions of key tax forms.

American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 & Qualified Interest Exemption Summary
Review Federated funds that are eligible to provide certain non-resident alien (NRA) shareholders with exemption to tax withholding.

IRS Form 8937—Organizational Actions Affecting Cost Basis
Find and print IRS Form 8937 for any fund corporate action that affects cost basis.  Data can also be viewed in table format.

Tools & Articles
Use these resources to estimate your taxes, check your contribution limits and withdrawal schedules, determine your exposure to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), and more.

Financial Calculators
Our suite of financial calculators can help with tax preparations and other financial problems.

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