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Final Capital Gains
Looking for capital gains for specific funds? Find them all here:


Year-End Tax Statements
Follow these steps to find and print dividends and capital gains for individual Federated funds:

  • Select from our fund list, or use the search box to find your fund by name, symbol or CUSIP 
  • Click on the "Distributions and Tax Info" tab (See an example).
  • Click the calendar icon and set the date to the tax year
  • To print, click the printer icon in the upper right


Cost Basis Resource Center
Cost basis is the purchase price of a mutual fund, less any sales charge, plus reinvested dividends and capital gains distributions. Need to learn more about it, and how it factors into a tax return?

Visit our Cost Basis Resource Center.

Tax-Advantaged Products

Interested in investments that may help you keep more of what you earn? Take a look at these options:

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