Separately Managed Accounts

Customized Portfolio Options for Your Clients

Federated's full range of separately managed accounts (SMAs) provide high-net-worth investors with a level of customized investment management traditionally reserved for large institutions.

Spanning all key asset classes & investment styles

Large cap, mid cap, small cap, all cap, income, value, and growth

Fixed Income
Intermediate government credit, government credit, core aggregate, and core plus

Moderate allocation

At Federated, we pride ourselves on our highly specialized investment personnel dedicated to style-specific investing. From portfolio managers to investment analysts and traders, Federated aligns its investment professionals with their strengths and provides clients with industry and sector knowledge.

SMA Advantages

  • Professional management by seasoned institutional managers
  • Greater investment transparency
  • Investments tailored to address specific objectives
  • Direct ownership of individual securities
  • Enhanced tax efficiency—ability to realize specific gains and losses
  • Institutional execution
  • Ability to customize

Investment Process

Fixed Income SMA Strategies
Federated employs a disciplined investment process that is transparent, consistent and focused on creating a balance between risk and reward. In managing fixed income portfolios, we believe optimum results are best achieved through a traditional value-based approach. We pursue strong performance through the balanced application of critical decision making tools or “Alpha Pods.”

Federated fixed income SMAs combine multiple alpha generation decision factors, intensive risk management, and a portfolio attribution feedback loop. Our fixed income strategies allow access to a range of fixed income markets such as new issues; and mortgage, high yield and international asset classes. The strategies seek long-term outperformance with a consistent, repeatable investment process that has historically generated good absolute and risk adjusted investment returns.

Equity SMA Strategies
Federated’s equity SMA strategies are a result of both carefully cultivated homegrown initiatives as well as key strategic acquisitions.  Our equity investment process originates with a commitment to proprietary research—both fundamental and quantitative. Using that research, portfolio management teams construct portfolios using strict constraints specific to each strategy’s investment style. Performance attribution is then used in reviewing portfolio performance and positioning.

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