Automation, disruption and opportunities for growth investors

Today, major advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud services are taking automation to a new level. In the midst of this rapid change and inevitable disruption, what’s the story for investors? Federated Kaufmann Portfolio Manager Steve DeNichilo offers his perspective.

Executive Summary

  • Smart automation is advancing the next industrial revolution on a global scale.

  • As intelligent software is perfected, computers, including robots, are increasingly being used to complement human labor.

  • A key factor in the rise of automation and robotics across the globe is the drive for greater productivity, particularly in countries where an aging workforce is a growing concern.

  • Technologies affecting virtually every aspect of life and work are driving economic growth and opportunities for investors. Distinguishing long-term winners from losers among a myriad of innovators is the continuing challenge for growth investors, requiring an abundance of industry knowledge and fundamental research.

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