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Federated Total Return Bond Fund

Interested in pursuing opportunities across bond market?

Federated Total Return Bond Fund is a genuine multisector core bond fund that invests in a broad, strategic mix of bond sectors, primarily U.S. government and investment-grade corporate. Its managers believe this focus best positions the fund for total return and to benefit from anticipated changes in economic and market conditions.

Why should investors consider the fund?

Play Video "We believe that independent diversified sources of alpha are the best way to pursue risk-adjusted returns."

Senior Portfolio Manager, Don Ellenberger

How does it perform in various rate environments?

The fund is managed to capture opportunities and manage risk through various rate environments. In response to economic forecasts, our experienced sector managers use an arsenal of interest-rate and sector-related decision tools to quickly and decisively position the fund’s holdings across the fixed-income marketplace. Select the chart for a printable PDF.

What is the strategy?

  • Ability to invest in various bond sectors such as asset-backed, corporate, high yield, U.S. Treasuries, U.S. agency and international
  • Offers flexibility in changing investment climates: can shift sector allocations to manage risks and opportunities
  • Invests primarily in U.S. government and investment-grade corporate bonds. High-yield allocation is limited to 25%, and is typically under 15%.
  • Duration Management: the portfolio is positioned to benefit from our interest-rate outlook based on a thorough economic analysis of the business cycle, valuation indicators and global attractiveness.

Who manages the fund?

  • Portfolio managers average 28 years experience and nearly 23 years at Federated
  • Team consists of alpha decision and sector specialists

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