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ABCs of Financial Aid
These days, it's hard to talk about college without mentioning financial aid. Yet this pairing isn't a marriage of love, but one of necessity.
Can I afford to send my child to college?
It's the question every parent dreads. Although the answer hopefully is yes, you'll have to plan ahead.
Education Tax Credits
Now that your child is in college, you might qualify for one of two education tax credits — the Hope credit and the Lifetime Learning credit.
Finding Money to Pay College Bills Out of Pocket
Your child is in college, but you probably can't disappear just yet — there are still bills to pay.
Finding the Funds to Pay for a College Education
Finding the funds to pay for your child's college education is like filling a test tube.
Helping Your Child Make the Transition from High School to College
Though you won't be able to ride along in your child's suitcase, there are ways you can help him or her make the adjustment to college.
Higher Education Figures At-A-Glance
This table lists the various important financial aspects of paying for higher education, such as Tax credits, deductions, and Coverdell ESA.
Research Tips when Choosing a College
You may think a hands-off approach is best to avoid interfering, but it's important to help your child research schools.
Sticker Shock — Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College
You and your child should consider steps that can actually lower college costs.
Student Loan Basics
Whether you have a small sum or a small fortune to pay off, you'll want to brush up on some student loan basics.
The Best Ways to Save for College
Choose a savings vehicle that offers you the best combination of tax advantages, financial aid benefits, and flexibility.
The College Application Process
Your child should allow plenty of time to work on the applications, and you'll want to make sure that you're available for help.
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