Proxy Statements — Frequently Asked Questions and Current Information

What is a proxy statement?
A proxy statement is a document that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires publicly owned corporations, including mutual funds, to send to their shareholders to present proposals and provide material facts on issues on which shareholders will vote.

Mutual funds are required to obtain shareholder approval on certain kinds of changes, which are described in the proxy statement. The kinds of changes will vary, as each proxy campaign is different.

How do I vote my shares?
To vote, please complete and return the proxy ballot that is included with your proxy statement. You can also vote by telephone or on the internet; please refer to your proxy ballot for the appropriate toll-free telephone number and internet address. Or, you may vote in person at the meeting.

If you recently received a proxy statement for an active campaign, please vote today! Your vote is very important to us, no matter how many shares you own. Each fund is comprised of many accounts and every account has a direct impact on the outcome of the proxy vote.

If you choose not to vote, it may lead to additional mailings and solicitation calls - this can greatly increase the expense of holding a shareholder meeting.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a proxy statement?
If you have questions about your proxy statement, or if you misplaced or did not receive proxy materials for an active campaign, please Contact Us.

Title and Description
Currently, there are no proxy statements available.