Make Account Transactions

Title and Description
Cost Basis Accounting Methods 
Descriptions of the cost basis methods.
Cost Basis Changes for S Corporations 
Information regarding the S-corporation tax liabilities.
Cost Basis Glossary 
Commonly used terms and definitions for cost basis reporting.
Cost Basis Resource Center 
Mandatory Cost Basis Reporting
Cost Basis: The Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 
Background information regarding the cost basis acts.
Filing Deadlines for IRA Contributions 
Don't forget tax filing deadlines for IRA contributions.
Making Account Transactions 
Transactions options and instructions for investors.
Original Medallion Guarantees and Signature Validation Program (SVP) Stamps 
Designed to protect your account from fraud.
Paperless Legals Policy 
Allows Federated to accept requests to transfer or redeem accounts bearing an original Medallion guarantee without including additional legal documentation.
Redeeming Shares to a Different Address 
Instructions on how to redeem shares to a different address.
Redeeming or Transferring an Individual Account When Account Owner Passes Away 
How to redeem or transfer an individual account when the account owner passes away.
Required Minimum Distribution 
Provides deadlines for taking your distribution, instructions for calculating it, and ways to make the process easier.


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