Designating Beneficiaries on Your Account

Important Reminder: If you own a Retirement or a Transfer on Death (TOD) account, make sure that you have provided Federated with the necessary beneficiary information and inform your beneficiaries of their designation. This will ensure that your loved ones are aware of your intentions and can take appropriate actions to avoid possible escheatment of the account to the state.

If you need to add or change your beneficiaries, please choose the appropriate form from the list on the right and follow these three easy steps:

  1. Complete electronically. Just click on a field and begin typing.
  2. Print & sign. The shareholder should sign the form.
  3. Return by mail. Send the signed, completed form to the address provided. 

What is escheatment?

Escheatment occurs when the state of the shareowner's residence assumes custodial control of assets that have remained dormant for a specified period of time. Uncashed checks, accounts with no activity, and the accounts of "lost shareowners," may be subject to escheatment.

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