Managing and Tracking Your Investments

Voice Response System
Vision Voice: 1-800-245-2999

Check balances, order statements, money market checkbooks, and follow fund performance information. Clients may call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the most up-to-date information. Clients also have the ability to establish a watch list of accounts and funds they wish to follow.

Federated's Web site: My Products
Federated's website gives you the ability to build a customized list of Federated products and access it quickly and easily from anywhere on the site simply by clicking "My Products" at the top of the screen.  To construct your list, you must first register on, which allows the site to save your selections as part of your personal profile.

Shareholder Account Access
Produced by DST Systems, Inc., FANWeb enables shareholders to view account balances, transaction history, tax and beneficiary information and electronic statements.

Newspaper Listings
Mutual fund price and performance information can be found in the financial pages of many newspapers and from online or mobile sources. In print, find the section of the mutual fund listings headed "Federated" followed by the share class and then locate the fund in which you are invested. For online and mobile sources simply look up a fund by entering its name or ticker symbol in the search box of a financial website or mobile application. For more information or to obtain a ticker symbol for a particular Federated fund, please refer to the Products section.

Shareholder Account Access