How to Read Your Statement

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Statement Period indicates the time period covered by your statement.


Total Market Value reflects the total value of your combined Federated fund holdings as of the end of the statement period.  Each fund's total value is calculated by multiplying the number of shares owned by the price per share.


Activity and Value Summary presents a snapshot of the most recent quarter and year-to-date activity, as well as the beginning and ending value of your account.

4 Personal Performance displays the current quarter and year-to-date total returns of your combined Federated fund holdings.
5 Investor News/Messages highlight special investment, service or fund information that may be useful to you.
6 Account Information includes the fund and your lead account number.
7 Customer Service Phone Number/Web Site Address direct you to Federated Client Service Representatives for helpful, personal service or to our Web Site for a wealth of information.

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Portfolio Summary displays the ending market value and percent of current assets by investment category type. Portfolios with multiple accounts in the same fund display combined totals.


Retirement/Education Account Contribution Summary – If you have a retirement or education account, this section presents your total contributions, if any, to various Federated fund retirement or education accounts for previous and current tax years.


Income Summary supplies the total taxable and tax-free income earned by your account, as well as short-term and long-term capital gains, if any.

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Fund Activity Summary, appears on the year-end statement and demonstrates movement of money in and out of your account on a fund-by-fund basis through purchases, redemptions, fees, transfers, and exchanges for the entire year.  


Notice to Shareholders - Source of Distributions provides estimates as of on or about record day as to what portion of any distribution is from net investment income, capital gains or a return of capital.

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Outstanding Checks displays outstanding checks associated with an account in the portfolio on a monthly basis.


Account Detail provides transaction details for each account in your portfolio for the statement period.

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Expense Summary contains information about the direct and indirect costs of owning a Federated fund investment, plus illustrates these costs over a hypothetical 10-year period.


Your Expenses shows your account's "ending value" for the quarter, as well as the fund's annual expense ratio-which is its total annual operating expense as a percentage of its assets. "Your quarterly expenses" represent what your share of the expenses were, based on the size of your account, for the quarter covered by this statement. Of course, the fund's expenses are actually accruing constantly, and are deducted from the fund's pool of assets periodically, before the fund's total return and net asset value are calculated. It is important to understand that "Your Expenses" are not directly charged to your account. They are simply part of the total fees and expenses that are incurred by the fund.


Hypothetical Expenses shows how a hypothetical account would share in the fund's overall expenses, year by year over a ten-year period. This example is based on a $10,000 investment that earns an imaginary 5% per year-and not actual fund returns. These numbers are used as an example. They are not intended to reflect your account activity or the fund's actual performance.