Original Medallion Guarantees and Signature Validation Program (SVP) Stamps

The Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) is a verification system that authenticates and guarantees the signatures applied to various documents. A Medallion guarantee may also serve to provide certification of copies of legal documents.

The mutual fund industry incorporated the acceptance of Medallion signature guarantees for various transactions. A Medallion guarantee warrants that the signature is genuine, the signer is an appropriate person to endorse, and the signer has the legal capacity to sign.

An original Medallion guarantee may be required to enable a person to act on an account; please contact your guarantor regarding any additional documentation required prior to submitting your signature for guarantee.

A Medallion guarantee may be executed by an eligible guarantor.  Eligible guarantors include commercial banks, trust companies, savings associations and credit unions, as defined by the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, and registered Broker-Dealers.  Please confirm that the institution provides a verifiable STAMP2000 Medallion, affixed with the appropriate surety limit, prior to submitting your signature. A guarantee from a notary public is not acceptable.

The Signature Validation Program Stamp may be used for non-financial transactions.  Please contact a Federated Client Service Representative or your financial institution for more information.

Surety Limits for the Medallion Stamp
Alpha Prefix

Surety Amount

A $1,000,000
B $750,000
C $500,000
D $250,000
E $100,000
F (Credit Unions per transaction) $100,000
X $2,000,000
Y $5,000,000
Z $14,000,000 ($10 million for Z prefix plus an additional $4 million of coverage for STA members stated in STA rule 1.04(a))

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