Foreign Account Policy

Federated’s U. S. domiciled ‘40 Act mutual funds (the “Domestic Funds”) are registered for sale only in the United States; U.S. territories and possessions; and other certain strategically determined locations in the world.

Federated’s Foreign Account Policy (“Policy”) has been implemented to ensure compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements governing sales of the Domestic Funds in and to investors in foreign jurisdictions.

Unless specifically permitted by the Policy, pre-approval by Federated is required for any foreign accounts, whether they are opened directly with the Fund or through a financial intermediary. The following specific provisions of the Policy apply:

  • Direct retail foreign accounts or expatriate accounts are prohibited.
  • Direct institutional foreign accounts must be pre-approved by Federated.
  • The sales activities to be conducted by a financial intermediary involving foreign accounts and/or expatriate accounts, where the accounts are to be held by the intermediary in an omnibus account or in a dealer-controlled, fully disclosed, partially disclosed or undisclosed account, must be pre-approved by Federated.
  • Accounts for U.S. military personnel stationed at a U.S. military base or U. S. diplomats based in a foreign country are permitted and do not require Federated pre-approval.
  • The distribution and marketing of the Domestic Funds in the European Union (“EU”) or to EU investors is prohibited, unless such a request is pre-approved by Federated.

If you have additional questions related to Federated's foreign account policy, please contact your Client Service Team , Monday - Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET at 1-800-341-7400, option 4.