Federated Collective Investment Funds

Qualified Investor Certification


Participation in the Collective Trust Funds is limited to Eligible Trusts that are accepted by Federated Investors Trust Company, the Trustee, as Participating Trusts. As more fully described in the Declaration of Trust, Eligible Trusts include (i) certain employee benefit trusts exempt from federal income taxation under §501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”); (ii) certain governmental plans or units described in Code §414(d), Code §457(b), and Code §818(a)(6); (iii) certain church plans described in Code §414(e) that are either exempt from federal income taxation under Code §501 or described in Code §403(b)(9); (iv) certain commingled trust funds exempt from federal income taxation under Code §501(a) which consist solely of the assets of eligible employee benefit trusts; and (v) certain assets of insurance companies that are segregated in a separate account, provided that the assets in the separate account consist solely of assets of eligible employee benefit trusts. The Collective Trust Funds and their units of participation are not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission or any state securities regulatory authority and are offered in reliance upon an exemption from registration.

By clicking on the "I Agree" button below, you certify that you are viewing information regarding the fund(s) as: (i) a plan sponsor, other plan fiduciary or plan administrator of an Eligible Trust; (ii) a participant of an Eligible Trust that has been accepted by the Trustee as a Participating Trust; or (iii) a financial intermediary or other financial professional who provides products or services to Eligible Trusts. If you cannot make this certification, click the "Cancel" button to return to the home page.