Federated Project and Trade Finance Tender Fund XPTFX

Product Type Asset Class Category
Closed-End Fund Alternative Trade Finance
As of 10-31-2018


  • Continuously offered closed-end investment company with an objective to provide total return primarily from income.
  • The fund pursues its investment objective primarily by investing in trade finance, structured trade, export finance, import finance, supply chain financing and project finance assets of entities, including sovereign entities. Trade finance related securities will be located primarily in, or have exposure to, global emerging markets.
  • Provides access to a growing asset class previously unavailable to most investors.
  • A portfolio that seeks to exceed the ICE Libor 1-Month Average Index with low volatility and low correlation to stock and fixed-income market returns as well as to commodities.

Key Investment Team


Symbol   XPTFX
Fund Number(s)   8940
Newspaper Listing   FedPrTrFinTe
CUSIP   31424D104
Benchmark   ICE Libor 1-Month Average Index
Fiscal Year-End   3-31
Performance Inception Date   02-01-2017