Types of Careers

Federated attracts talented people from across the globe who want to work at a world-class investment manager, offering many different career paths in a variety of fields. No matter your level or stage of career, Federated values professional development and growth and recognizes the individual contributions that each employee makes to the success of the organization.

If you have ever considered working on the floor of a busy securities trading room, imagined having your finger on the pulse of the world's economy or envisioned yourself as part of a team developing solutions to complex technical challenges, then we invite you to explore the variety of career opportunities at Federated Investors.

Career areas include:

  • Investment Management/Trading/Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Accounting, Finance, Governance
  • Product Management and Marketing
  • Corporate Business Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Real Estate Services
    • Investor Services
    • Travel & Conference Planning
    • Procurement