Alternative Investing

Providing alternatives since 1997

The concept of alternative investments may be relatively new to investors, but at Federated, we’ve had them in the mix for some time. In fact, we believe that diversifying portfolios beyond traditional asset classes has potential for reducing volatility without sacrificing long-term returns. With that in mind, consider a few of our alternatives:

Federated Prudent Absolute Fund Federated Absolute Return Fund
Positioned for market advances or declines by taking a net long or short exposure in a wide range of domestic and foreign securities, both debt and equity, that the fund’s managers deem to be mis-valued or misunderstood.
Federated Prudent Bear Fund Federated Prudent Bear Fund
A net short fund managed to capture opportunity in down markets by employing strategic short selling along with long investments in companies that mine or explore for gold, precious metals or other natural resources.
Federated Prudent Dollar Bear Fund Federated Prudent Dollar Bear Fund
Designed to perform in the opposite direction of the U.S. dollar. Invests primarily in foreign short-term, investment-grade fixed-income securities, with an allocation to stocks of precious metals mining companies.

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