International Investing

Globalizing portfolios since 1984.

More than twenty-five years ago, Federated was among the first asset managers to make international markets an integral part of our approach. Since then, we’ve helped pioneer international equity funds, introduced one of the first international fixed-income products, and built a global investment management group. Today, that team of seasoned portfolio managers, traders and analysts offer several distinct approaches to help investors diversify their international holdings.

International Stock Funds

Federated InterContintental Fund Federated InterContinental Fund
Unique country selection process combines stocks from developed and emerging markets.




Federated International Leaders Fund
Invests primarily in developed markets with concentrated stock positions in blue-chip companies.
Federated International Small-Mid Company Fund Federated International Small-Mid Company Fund
Focused on small- and mid-sized companies with rapid growth potential and reasonable trade prices.
Federated International Strategic Value Dividend Fund Federated International Strategic Value Dividend Fund
Focused on developed markets, investing primarily in high dividend yielding stocks of undervalued companies.
Federated Emerging Markets Equity Fund Federated Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Invests primarily in stocks of companies located throughout the world, including developed and emerging markets.

Global Funds

Federated Global Allocation Fund Global Allocation Fund
Invests in a globally diverse range of equity and fixed-income securities and funds.

Watch our portfolio managers in these YouTube Q&As or read their international market views.

International Bond Funds

Federated Emerging Market Debt Fund Federated Emerging Market Debt Fund
Invests primarily in government and corporate bonds of emerging market governments and corporations.
Federated International Bond Fund Federated International Bond Fund
Invests in high-quality, non U.S. dollar-denominated bonds of international governments, agencies and corporations.

Institutional and Offshore Investors

Institutional Separate Accounts Institutional Separate Accounts
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Non-U.S. Products Non-U.S. Products
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